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Saswati Bhattacharya1, Biswajit Ghosh2 and Madhubrata Choudhury*  -  A Simple Reliable Protocol for Cytogentically Stable Mass Propagation of Ornithogalum virens Lindl.

Saima Khan3, Meenu Katoch1,4, Sharada Mallubhotla3, Suphla Gupta2,4 , Manju Sambyal and Ashok Ahuja4*  -  Assessment of Acid Phosphatase Production by In vitro Cultures of Atropa acuminata

Ahmed MS El-Sayed, Hoda MH El-Naggar, Mohamed S Abbas1 and El-Sayed I Gaber1  -  Genetic Selection for Salt Tolerance in Some Egyptian Wheat Genotypes (Triticum aestivum L.) via Tissue Culture

Wittaya Pakum, Santi Watthana1,2, Kanok-orn Srimuang3 and Anupan Kongbangkerd*  -  Influence of Medium Component on In vitro Propagation of Thaiís Endangered Orchid: Bulbophyllum nipondhii Seidenf

Jelili T. Opabode*, Olufemi V. Ajibola, Olufemi O. Oyelakin1 and Oluyemisi A. Akinyemiju  -  Somatic Embryogenesis and Genetic Uniformity of Cassava Plants Regenerated from Secondary Somatic Cotyledons Preserved in Osmotic Agents

Shirin Akter, Sanjida Rahman Mollika1, R.H. Sarker and M. Imdadul Hoque*  -  Agrobacterium-mediated Genetic Transformation of Two Varieties of Brassica juncea (L.) Using Marker Genes

M. Rezwan Kabir*, M. A. Yousuf Akhond, M. Al-Amin and M. Shahidul Haque1  -  In vitro Regeneration of Sweetgourd (Cucurbita moschata Duch.)

M. Ashraful Habib1*, M. Abdul Muktadir2, M. Rezwan Kabir, M. A. Khaleque Mian3 and M. A. Yousuf Akhond  -  Optimization of Somatic Embryogenesis Protocol for Locally Adapted Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) Varieties in Bangladesh

Mohamed R. Rady, El-Sayed, M. Mervat1, Mohamed El-Sayed and Usama I. Aly*   -  Influence of Plant Growth Regulators and Medium Strength on Micropropagation of the Biodiesel Plant, Jatropha curcus

L. Samarina*, T. Kolomiets, V. Malyarovskaya, S. Gubaz and N. Platonova  -  Effect of Glutamine, Biotin and ADP on Micropropa-gation and Growth of Chrysanthemum hybridum, Gerbera jamesonii and Cordyline fruticosa In vitro

Tasnim Rahman, Hasnain Heickal1*, Shamira Tabrejee2, Md. Miraj Kobad Chowdhury2, Sheikh Muhammad Sarwar and Mohammad Shoyaib  -  SeqDev: An Algorithm for Constructing Genetic Elements Using Comparative Assembly

Kuasha Mahmud*, KM Nasiruddin1, MA Hossain and L Hassan2  -  Development of Mutants in Sugarcane through Callus Culture

Shiferaw Teshome1* and Tileye Feyissa1,2  -  Direct Organogenesis of Glinus lotoides L. - Anti-helmintic Herb Using Nodal Segments

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