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Hanny Tantau, Steffi Renk, Dorothee Schultz, Heidrun Meyer, Jana Schulze, Denise Palm, Annika Stubbe, Nayuf Valdez Aguirre, Rakha Hari Sarker, Sk. Shamimul Alam, Mihir Lal Saha, M. Salim Khan, M. Imdadul Hoque & Hans-Peter M?hlbach  -  Infectivity Assays and Sequence Analyses for Unassigned Pseudomonas Species as Putative Cause of Dieback Disease of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. in Bangladesh1

Kotisree Lahiri, Madhumita J. Mukhopadhyay1 and Sandip Mukhopadhyay*  -  Enhancement of L-DOPA Production in Micropropagated Plants of two Different Varieties of Mucuna pruriens L., Available in India

Sanjida Rahman Mollika, R.H. Sarker and M.I. Hoque  -  In vitro Plant Regeneration in Brassica spp.

A.K. M. Sayeed Hassan*, Nadira Begum, Rebeka Sultana and Rahima Khatun  -  In vitro Shoot Proliferation and Plant Regeneration of Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus Nees. a Rare Medicinal Shrub of Bangladesh

Mohashweta Roy*, M. Hossain1, A. Biswas, M. K. Biswas and R. Islam  -  Plant Regeneration through Somatic Embryogenesis from Leaf Sheath Derived Callus of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) var. Isd -16

Animesh Biswas*, M. A. Bari, Mohashweta Roy and S. K. Bhadra1  -  In vitro Propagation of Stemona tuberosa Lour. - A Rare Medicinal Plant through High Frequency Shoot Multiplication using Nodal Explants

Morteza Mohammadi*, Abdolreza Bagheri, Hasan Marashi, Nasrin Moshtaghi and Ahmad Balandari1  -  Investigation into Seasonal Effect and Browning Inhibitor on Callus Regeneration of Seedless Barberry (Berberis vulgaris var. asperma)

F. Zaker Tavallaie, B. Ghareyazie1, A. Bagheri2 and K.K. Sharma3  -  Lentil Regeneration from Cotyledon Explant Bearing a Small Part of the Embryo Axis

Bijaya Pant* and Sumitra Shrestha  -  In vitro Mass Propagation of a Ground Orchid - Phaius tancarvilleae (L Her.) Blume through Shoot Tip Culture

M.M. Islam, M.E. Hoque*, S.M.H.A. Rabbi and M.S. Ali  -  DNA Fingerprinting and Diversity Analysis of BRRI Hybrid Varieties and their Corresponding Parents

K. Girish Kumar, V. Krishna*, Venkatesh and K. Pradeep  -  High Frequency Regeneration of Plantlets from Immature Male Floral Explants of Musa paradisica cv. Puttabale - AB Genome

Niaz Mahmood, Razib Ahmed, Muhammad Shafiul Azam and Haseena Khan*  -  A Simple and Swift Method for Isolating High Quality RNA from Jute (Corchorus spp.)

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