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Lyssa L. Martin, Cynthia Ross Friedman* and Ronald G. Smith  -  Callus Culture of Arceuthobium americanum Nutt. ex Englem. and Explant Response to Varying Auxin and Cytokinin Concentrations

Kishore K. Chiruvella, Arifullah Mohammed, Gayathri Dampuri1 and Rama Gopal Ghanta1*  -  In vitro Shoot Regeneration and Control of Shoot Tip Necrosis in Tissue Cultures of Soymida febrifuga (Roxb.) A. Juss.

Boon Chin Tan, Chiew Foan Chin* and Peter Alderson  -  An Improved Plant Regeneration of Vanilla planifolia Andrews

Esam A. Hussein*1 and Esam M. Aqlan1  -  Effect of Mannitol and Sodium Chloride on Some Total Secondary Metabolites Fenugreek Calli Cultured In vitro

Bangaramma S. Wadeyar and R. Lokesha*  -  Studies on High Frequency Shoot Regeneration in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Mihir Lal Saha*, K. J. M. Hashina Begum, Mahbubar Rahman Khan and Donald James Gomes1  -  Bacteria Associated with the Tannery Effluent and their Alkaline Protease Activities

K. Sri Rama Murthy* and R. Kondamudi  -  Rapid Shoot Regeneration from Thin Cell Layer Explants of an Endangered Medicinal Asclepiad Ceropegia spiralis L.

U. Thiripura Sundari, N. Ahmed Sherif, J.H. Franklin Benjamin and M. V. Rao*  -  Rapid Micropropagation via Axillary Bud Proliferation of Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt. from Nodal Segments

Short Communications P.D. Smitha and Ashalatha S. Nair  -  Effect of Picloram on Somatic Embryogenesis from Leaf-sheath Explants in Diploid Musa acuminata cv. Njalipoovan

Short Communications A. Ugraiah*, S. Karuppusamy1 and T. Pullaiah  -  Micropropagation of Marsdenia brunoniana Wight & Arn. - A Rare Antidiabetic Plant

Short Communications Tripti Thakur, Rakesh Dadsena, S.B. Nandeshwar1  -  In Vitro Study of Callus Induction in Wedelia trilobata Using Different Growth Regulators

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