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Abdelrahman S. AL-Wasel   -  Field Performance of Somaclonal Variants of Tissue Culture-derived Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Shubhada R. Deshpande, A. Misra, Y. T. Jasrai and G. Prathapasenan   -   Micropropagation of Pleomele reflexa Lam. cv. Variegata

A. B. Mandal, Bikash Chowdhury and T. E. Sheeja   -   Microspore Embryogenesis Following Shed Microspore Culture in a Three Way Indica Cross Hybrid

Iqbal Hussain, Aish Muhammad, Hamid Rashid and Azra Quraishi   -  In vitro Multiplication of Gladiolus (Gladiolus crassifolius)

P. K. Saha and A. Roy1  -   Determination of Optimal Bud Size for Higher Frequency of Microspore Derived Callus Induction and Regeneration in Two Cultivars of Mustard (Brassica juncea)

Shyamal K. Roy and M. Ali Jinnah   -  In vitro Micropropagation of Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima Willd.)

F. Begum, S. Islam and M. N. Amin1  -   In vitro Clonal Propagation of Pummelo (Citrus grandis [L.] Osb.)

M. K. Munshi1, S. N. Hossain, R. Islam, L. Hakim and M. Hossain   -   Micropropagation of Mimosa pudica L. Through In vitro Culture and Using Gamma Irradiation

A. F. M. Feroj Hasan, Masaharu Kyo and Hiroshi Fukui   -   Two New Quinones from Lithospermum erythrorhizon Hairy Root Cultures

M. R. Islam, S. N. Hossain1, M. K. Munshi, L. Hakim and M. Hossain   -   In vitro Regeneration of Plantlets from Shoot tip and Nodal Segments in Nayantara (Catharanthus roseus L.)

Muhammad Farooq1, Ihsanullah, Hamid Rashid*, Azra Quraishi and Khan Bahadar Marwat1  -   Comparative Tissue Culture Response of Wheat Cultivars and Evaluation of Regenerated Plant

News and Views Hemayet Ullah, Gregory Clark1 and A. S. Islam1  -   Internet Resources for Molecular Biology : A Primer for Scientists from Least Developed Countries

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