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PTC Editors' Note
Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology is the official organ of Bangladesh Association for Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology (BAPTC&B). The journal publishes original research papers and short communications on plant cell, tissue culture, plant biotechnology and related fields. Each volume of the journal comprises two issues published in June and December every year. Some of the the articles submitted online, if considered outstanding in the opinion of the Editorial Board, may be published online ahead of print (there are three such articles in the current issue). The manuscript should be type-written in double space with wide margins (left and top 3.81 cm, right and bottom 2.54 cm) on good quality, strictly 29.21 ´ 21.59 cm bond paper and should not exceed ten type-written pages. Preparation of the manuscript should conform strictly to the style and format of the journal. For online submission use the format available online in the homepage of PTC&B ( Each paper should be submitted in duplicate to the Chief Editor, Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, C/o Department of Botany, University of Dhaka, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh. The hard copy of the paper must be copied onto a PC legible CD for the reviewers to make corrections on the disk (CD) and to ensure speedier publication.

        The following instructions should be followed during the preparation of the manuscript.

        On the first page of the manuscript, only the title of the paper and the name(s) of the author(s) with the address(es) should be typed. On the following pages the Title of the paper, Key words, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgement (if any) and References should be typed. The subtitles, however, should not be used in case of short communications.

        Title : It should be brief and specific.
        Abstract : Should not exceed 150 words.
        Text : It should include Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion. The Results and Discussion should preferably be combined.
        Authors reporting results on commonly investigated materials such as banana, rice, ornamentals, oilseeds, wheat, jute etc. must clearly point out in the "Results and Discussion" section in what way their results are different from those published earlier and what is new to literature/science that they are reporting in their paper.

        The senior author is requested to check the obvious spellings and grammatical errors of the article in order to help the vetters to review the paper without unnecessary stress.

        Each author must provide his/her e-mail address(es) to enable the editorial office to contact them at short notice and send the revised version of the article as an attachment.

        Tables, Graphs and Figures : The number of tables, graphs and figures should be minimum. The same data should not be used in both tables and graphs. Tables should be typed on separate sheets. Figures and graphs should be drawn with indelible black ink on tracing papers and should be properly labeled with bold, solid lines so that these can stand reduction up to half or less of their original size. The photographs should be submitted on a glossy white paper.

        In case of online submission articles, all should be combined as seen in a published article to facilitate posting the approved articles in pdf format.This is in addition to what has been prescribed above for the printed version.

        The Association will bear the cost of up to ten full type-written pages manuscript including two-full page plates with photographs in black and white. The author(s) will have to pay the cost of additional pages and plates exceeding the limit.
        References : In the text a reference should be given within brackets without a comma between the name of the author(s) and the year; two or more references however, should be separated by a semicolon. References at the end of the text should be arranged alphabetically beginning with the authors(s) and followed by the year, the title of the paper, abbreviated name of the journal, volume number and page number(s). In case of books, the names of publishers should be given. Full stops, comma and colon should be given as shown below:

        White PR (1934) Potentially unlimited growth of excised tomato root tips in a liquid medium. Plant Physiol. 9 : 585-600.

The oft-quoted references should be omitted, namely: Murashige T and Skoog F (1962) A revised medium for rapid growth and bioassays with tobacco tissue culture. Physiol. Plant. 15 : 437-497.

        Reinert J and Bajaj YPS (1977) Anther culture : Haploid production and its significance. In: Applied and Fundamental Aspects of Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, Reinert J and Bajaj YPS (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 251-267.

        Abbreviations : Abbreviations should be the same as used by the American Journal of Botany.

        Short communication : Short research notes should not exceed three journal pages (900 words) inclusive of graphs, tables and figures. The presentation should be without sectional headings : Introduction, Materials and Methods etc.
Since 2000, PTC&B has been publishing review articles of about 30 pages. The first article of this kind was published in Vol. 10, No. 1. The Editorial Board selects specialist(s) with considerable experience on a special area of tissue culture, plant biotechnology, molecular biology and related topics and invites them to write a review article. Ordinarily, unless invited review articles will not be entertained. The style and format will be the same as far as writing of abstract, introduction, reference, citation in the body of the text are concerned.

        Contributors are given 25 copies of their reprints free of cost. For additional reprints the author(s) will be charges at cost price and for this they must inform the Chief Editor in time of their desire to have extra copies of reprints after the acceptance of their papers for publication.

        Declaration : The author (at least one of them in case of multiple authors) must be a member of the BAPTC&B. The sole or Principal Author in case of many is required to sign a declaration certifying that the work has been carried out by the authors themselves showing to what extent the submitted work was shared by individual authors and the contents of the paper were neither published nor submitted for publication to any other journal EXCEPT to the Editorial Committee of Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology.

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