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Posted on : 2009-12-07

Launched by one of  Prof. Zeba Seraj’s students, Ms. Sabrina Elias, the website is user-friendly and spectacular  even for a University Department, what to talk of a laboratory of a Department. It’ a dynamic its banner displaying one after another,  various stages of molecular breeding of rice starting from DNA extraction, band separation by means of electrophoresis, the power pack, four N-bases C, T, A, and G in four different peaks as they are seen in the graph of a DNA sequence analyzer indicating the sequence of these bases,  rice seedlings in an experimental saline soil. None among research students, technicians and lab attendants has been left out in the website with individual details supported by a picture and relevant data and finally the 15-member team in a group photo together with photo gallery showing visits by foreign scientists, Dr. Pamela Ronald and Dr Dave Mackill  and the convocation picture of two Ph.D. awardees, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Noorain Rasul with the supervisor. E-mail address of each member is provided with an account of his/her research activity. It gives a list of 10 research projects with a short description supported by research publications under that project. In short it’s a website, which ranks  in my opinion  as one of the best in the academic world. Ms Elias, who is also a GNOBB member, deserves our highest degree of appreciation for the gift of such a wonderful user-friendly website to the community. View it pl.

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